Why Mark Zuckerberg loves metaverse?

Because you're already there.

There is already an existed metaverse. It’s the Facebook.

You see virtual profile photos, virtual identities, virtual stories, virtual relationships, virtual opinions, virtual masters with virtual theories, contents you don’t own, things you don’t say in real life, real money, real fake, real scam there, every day.

Once on Facebook, you have a pair of AR glasses on by default. You see people’s fun, rich, exciting life imposed on your dull, poor, self-replicating one; and you return to the real world in a flash with the glasses off.

Why Mark Zuckerberg loves metaverse so much? Because he has already done it and made a hell lot of real money from you.


為什麼Mark Zuckerberg這麼愛metaverse?
其實Facebook就已經是個metaverse。 虛擬的頭像、虛擬的身分、虛擬的故事、虛擬的關係、虛擬的感想、虛擬的個性、虛擬的大師、虛擬的學問、不屬於自己的內容、真實世界中不敢講的話、真的錢、假的貨、真的詐騙。 在FB上你也等於是戴著一副AR眼鏡看世界,戴上會看到燈紅酒綠的富足人生,摘下來之後還是一隻面對著荒煙蔓草的社畜。 為什麼Facebook老闆這麼愛metaverse?因為他早已經做出來、而且也賺到你真正的錢了。 English…
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