Be a "trigger-happy" person

It's usually used as a negative term to describe someone who's been impulsive or unnecessarily aggressive. However it's actually not that bad if you pull the right one.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary says it. A “trigger-happy” person is:

• irresponsible in the use of firearms, especially: inclined to shoot before clearly identifying the target

• inclined to be irresponsible in matters that might precipitate war

• aggressively belligerent in attitude

In short, it means someone is always happy to pull the trigger of a gun when s/he feels like doing it while others considered unnecessary.

If it’s the trigger of a gun, true. You’d never fire a gun solely because you “feel like” doing it, since someone may get hurt as the consequence. At least someone could get shock by your action no matter it’s reckless or not.

However what if it’s not a gun but a decision?

I make quick decisions and get consequences, good or bad. Does it make me a trigger-happy person?

Quick decisions don’t always translate into reckless, or even wrong, actions, but it indeed requires some impulse and preparation for the results. The preparation involves experience, observation on the situation and assessment of both the best/worst-case scenarios.

With the elements and therefore the confidence in mind, it’s actually not a bad things to be daring to pull the trigger and be happy about it.

Fire when ready and you could hit or miss, but being too hesitate to pull the trigger you’ll never get the big game.