Do it right, not "do it here".

When I land on a new job, I'd ask people there to tell me: "That's (not) how we do it here."

I ask because I need to show some respect to the way they do things, and I need to get a hang of it quickly on the system and resources, I need the answer. That’s a shortcut to the big picture (and the entitled power).

It could be very useful to encourage people to say about this.

However, I’d literally ban the very same phrase when the team proceeds to the next stage since at most of the time it means stagnation, indolence and refusal to changes.

(Alas, democracy.)

There are only “right” ways to do things and the definition changes along with time and circumstances, and “how we do it” ways are not always right.

I hate stagnation, indolence and refusal to changes, but not as much as I hate red tapes.

Guess what, someone already wrote a book about this simple theory.