"Fire in the Foxhole"

The “Fire in the Foxhole” name has been taken from my former English blog, and I’m trying to revive it on Substack.

To segregate from my other writing outlets, I’ll try using English first and see how things go. In fact, this is also my attempt to escape from Facebook as I try to relieve myself from its notorious algorithms.

Thanks again for reading and/or subscribing, and I will only nag you once a week or so with sporadic extras.

A lot of things happened these days and it’s the Lunar New Year tomorrow, in which most people under Chinese cultural influence are celebrating and, for this year, wishing the pandemic to go away soon.

So how have you been lately?

“Fire in the Foxhole”?

You might wonder where did this name come from.

In fact the name has two origins and both were military terms. A “foxhole” is an one-person trench (or just a hole) for a soldier to hide in to shoot enemies safely; while “fire in the hole” is the sentence a soldier calls out when he or she throws something explosive onto the enemy or into a bunker.

So if you have a “fire” in your own foxhole, you could be surprised, stunned and then desperately try to find your way out.

Yeah, I am finding my way out.

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By the way… about Clubhouse

As I said about Clubhouse a while ago…

Sorry for being pessimistic, but I think the Clubhouse hype might not last long since:

  1. it’s intrusive;

  2. The conversations are easy to become chaotic;

  3. It doesn’t leave a visible trace of the conversations for the future reference you might need.

However it might not have been designed to serve the purposes but just a “clubhouse”, not a trove of digital archive though.

Though I was the creator of an once very popular room using Taiwanese (language), I think I am pulling out of it.

Maybe it’s time to pull out of Clubhouse too.

What do you think?