"Rather than paying tribute to a master chef by achieving his perfection, you should use the same effort to surpass him."
It's essential to do some process and workflow optimization homework before getting your hands wet buying any “digital transformation tool.” But…
I have written over 7,000 stories on the ‘net since the early 1990s, not counting the old lost messages on alt.bbs.whatever.
About four decades ago, a friend of mine gave me a set of “TIME Desk Encyclopedia” as a birthday present. It consists of three books not much larger…
We all disagree on things, and that's normal. The most important thing is how we deal with disagreements.
We all like incremental improvements but don’t necessarily recognize that we do.
You may judge someone by their doings, but don't judge a person by his/her inner depression or agony.
It’s been eight months since I last wrote this newsletter. If you’ve been waiting, my apologies.
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